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“Be A Friend” Phone Calls For Shut-Ins, Elderly And The Lonely – Calling Service For The Lonely

What is the “Be A Friend” calling service?

It’s when someone from our staff calls you or your loved one up 5 or 7 days a week in the spirit of being compassionate and friendly.

The calls can range from a few minutes to an hour depending on the plan you choose.  If the person we are calling is not there, we try to call back later the same day. If they are not there the second time, we try to leave a message.

If you like, we can send a third party contact (possibly you) an email letting them know the person we were trying to call was unavailable.


What Be A Friend call service is designed to do:

  • Build the morale of you or someone you care about
  • Be friendly to someone who is shut in or who doesn’t get much company
  • Be a good listener for someone who wants to share and talk for a while
  • Help someone feel less lonely
  • Help someone feel supported
  • Help someone to feel like they are getting some social interaction
  • Help someone to have something (a phone call) to look forward to
  • Share some humor
  • Share some good stories

Getting regular friendly calls can be a real boost for someone who is lonely.

If you or a loved one are suffering right now, a friendly voice calling regularly could be a real emotional plus.

If you are to busy to call a shut in loved one everyday, it’s nice to know there is an affordable service to back you up. You might have your hands full and it might be nice to add some extra support that is not expensive.

You and your loved ones are valuable. No one deserves to be isolated, rotting alone. You and your loved ones deserve to be encouraged, built up and to feel worthwhile. Everyone is worthy of love. Everyone deserves to be treated well.

“Be A Friend” calling Service is designed for people who:

  • Are Lonely
  • Are Isolated
  • Are Restricted socially
  • Are Possibly immobile
  • Don’t get out much
  • Want a friendly voice to talk to
  • Want more support in their life
  • Have lost a spouse
  • Have gotten injured
  • Are recovering from surgery
  • Have just moved to a new town
  • Have just gone through a divorce or breakup

Although we will do our best to contact the individual 5 or 7 days a week who is lonely or shut in, we are not a 7-day a week “check in” service per se.  In order to keep our rates very low (much lower then some other services), our callers are friendly Philippines residents who are based overseas. We have found many Philippine people to be caring and family oriented individuals.

The US dollar goes far in the Philippines so we are able to pass the savings on to you. Occasionally there may be outages due to hurricanes and the like and our Philippines callers may not be able to call for a few days. This most likely will not happen very often, but we want to be honest up front that it could happen once in a while.

So if you have someone who is in fragile medical condition that needs to be checked up on every single day, we are probably not the service for you. If you want a very affordable service with friendly callers who call 5 or 7 days a week on a usually “regular” basis, then we welcome you to give our service a try. We think you will find it to be a good value.

“Be A Friend” calling Service is not for people who:

  • Need a strict 7 day a week check in service for someone who is very physically ill
  • Don’t like phone calls
  • Are rude to our callers
  • Are looking for romantic or sexual conversations

What makes our “Be A Friend” calling service for elderly, shut in and lonely people different from other similar services?

Well, we looked at some other services online and some are quite expensive. One was $180 for a month of 15-minute calls.

One of our plans is only $49.95 a month for 20 minute calls 5 days a week.

Our goal is to provide friendly, courteous calls for a very inexpensive price. We want to make a difference in hurting peoples lives and bring them encouragement and help them to feel less lonely.

Here’s what you get with “Be A Friend” encouraging calls service:

  • A live person calls 5 or 7 days a week and chats with you (or your loved one)
  • If they are not there, we try to call back
  • If they are not there the second time we can send an email to a 3rd party contact if you like
  • A friendly voice and personality
  • Uplifting conversation
  • Help with a loved one when you might be to busy to call
  • A supportive voice if you are recovering from surgery, divorce, death of a loved one, a move or some other situation.
  • Makes a great gift.

Here is a list of our prices:

5 Days A Week:

10 minutes | 5 Days a week is $29.95 USD per month

20 minutes | 5 Days a week is $49.95 USD per month

30 minutes | 5 Days a week is $74.95 USD per  month

40 minutes | 5 Days a week is $99.95 USD per month

60 minutes | 5 Days a week is $149.95 USD per month

7 Days A Week:

10 minutes | 7 Days a week is $41.95 USD per month

20 minutes | 7 Days a week is $69.95 USD per month

30 minutes | 7 Days a week is $1044.95 USD per  month

40 minutes | 7 Days a week is $139.95 USD per month

60 minutes | 7 Days a week is $209.95 USD per month

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a happy and fulfilling life.

Rob Cross

Sorry, We are not accepting new customers at this time. Feel free to sign up for the waiting list if you like. 

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Here’s What People Are Saying About the “Be A Friend” Calls for Shut-ins and the Lonely:



“You can trust Rob Cross and his Be A Friend Calling Service for shut-ins and the lonely.”

– Pastor Dr. George Linsey (Head Pastor of the Lagoon Church)

San Diego, CA


“I think your calls are helping my mom”

– Mikhail

Dover, NH


“Be-a-friend calling service is perfect for anyone who needs a telephone buddy. Rob is compassionate, friendly, and non-judgmental. Through be-a-friend services, I was able to have a caring person to talk to when I needed someone the most.”

– Susan

Great Falls, MT (name changed to protect the privacy of the person being called)


“My Dad didn’t initially know why he was being called. I explained and he seemed to like the idea.

I’m working on getting in-home care by the end of the month. He (my Dad) also suffers from seasonal affected depression.

So, although, it’s tough to cheer him up. It (the Be-A-Friend calling service) is helping.”

– Jan

Sacramento, CA



“I’ve known Rob Cross (Founder of “Be A Friend” calling service for the lonely and shut-ins) for years and I would absolutely recommend him as someone who is trustworthy and who would provide a calling service that you can trust to be free of any scams.”

– Carmen Vertullo (Engineer, and Deacon at Christ Lutheran Church of La Mesa, CA)

San Diego, CA



“I would recommend Rob Cross’s calling service (Be A Friend Calling Service for Shut-ins and the Lonely). Rob does a lot of volunteer work at our church, is a person I trust and I would recommend his calling service to you without reservation.”

– Mary Anne (Registered Nurse and President of Lemon Grove Community Church)

Lemon Grove, CA