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Feel Great When Someone Tells You How Wonderful You Are Or Your Money Back – Encouragement Calls Service

Our Encouragements For You | Comments Off on Feel Great When Someone Tells You How Wonderful You Are Or Your Money Back – Encouragement Calls Service
Feel Great When Someone Tells You How Wonderful You Are Or Your Money Back – Encouragement Calls Service

A real live person calls you up 5 days a week and tells you something like “You’re great!” or “You are wonderful” or “You are awesome” or many of our other encouraging messages.

Our Encouragement Calls Service is designed to:

  • Raise your self esteem
  • Help elevate your mood
  • Help you feel more hopeful
  • Help you feel more relaxed about the future
  • Get you thinking positive again
  • Enlarge your support system
  • Make you feel like someone cares
  • Make you feel like someone is on your side
  • Help you believe in your dreams again

You have probably met someone who encouraged you or believed in you and it made a big difference in your life. I believe you can rise to greater heights and renew your faith in life and yourself with the right kind of encouragement.

When you feel encouraged it’s easier to encourage others. It’s easier to give away something that you have a steady supply of.  The more encouragement you give out, the more it generally ends up coming back to you. What comes around goes around.

Getting a spark of encouragement everyday might be just what you need to keep you moving in a positive direction. It might help you stay on course to live the life you were meant to live.

You are great, you are wonderful and you deserve a great life and you deserve to be encouraged. Everyone deserves a kind word every now and then. Everyone deserves love and encouragement.

I believe God has a wonderful plan for your life, that He loves you and created you for great things and great relationships.

Encouragement calls service is designed for people who:

  • enjoy encouraging words
  • sometimes get discouraged
  • enjoy being treated with kindness and compassion
  • sometimes get down on themselves
  • sometimes need a reminder of how great they are
  • sometimes feel a bit frustrated by criticism
  • want a pep talk

You don’t need Encouragement calls service if:

  • criticism doesn’t bother you
  • you never get your feelings hurt
  • you don’t enjoy compliments
  • kind words aren’t very important to you
  • you don’t enjoy pep talks

How is Encouragement Calls Service different from other calling services?  Well, we did a search on the internet and we could only find a couple of similar services.  One was priced at $39.95 for a month (and they were not taking new subscribers when we checked) and the other one was priced at $25 for one month of service.

Our service is currently priced at only $9.95 a month.  Our goal is to provide a great service at a great price.

You might pay $9.95 for some comfort food during a single lunch to make yourself feel better. Think about it. Aren’t there times you would pay $5 or $10 to have even one conversation where someone builds you up and gives you a pep talk and makes you feel better about yourself?  Some counselors might charge $100 or $150 for a single session to talk with you and it might not even be uplifting.

Here’s what you get with encouragement calls $9.95 a month service:

  • 5 days a week a real live person calls you up and gives you a verbal pat on the back.
  • You can choose from a variety of messages when you sign up like:
    a) “You are great”
    b) “You are outstanding”
    C) “You are remarkable”
    d) “You are talented”
    e) “You are terrific”
    f) “You are a victor”
    g) “You are wonderful”
    h) “You are tremendous”
    i) “You are excellent”
    j) “God loves you and has a great plan for your life”
    k) All above options rotated for variety.
    l) All options except “j” rotated for variety.
  • Choose only the messages that appeal to you.
  • Messages can also be rotated over time for variety.
  • The caller is friendly and encouraging.
  • Calls are generally ended with a courteous “Have a great day” or something of that nature.
  • If you are not there we leave a message for you.
  • Calls are short, usually less then a minute, but with a real person.
  • Subscription is month to month, but you can cancel at anytime (just contact us before the end of the month).
  • Makes a great gift (provided the recipient of the gift gives up permission to call).
  • Our guarantee; if you don’t love it, just let us know and we will refund that month’s subscription price.

Don’t go it alone my friend. Let us encourage you on a regular basis that you are valuable and important and have a bright future.

The more you hear that you are wonderful and have a bright future, the easier it is to believe and the more you believe it, the more likely you are to live it out (in our opinion).

How about taking a step towards more positive encouragement in your life right now?
Sign up now and all the risk is on us. If you don’t love it, just cancel and email us for a refund. No hassles. We want you to be happy.

Wishing you all the best,

Rob Cross

P.S. We are here to help you feel more encouraged, more hopeful and elevate your mood. Try it risk free and if you don’t love it, we will refund your month’s purchase.

$9.95 a Month



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