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How To Find a Great Wife Worth Keeping

How To Find a Great Wife Worth Keeping

Are you tired of being single and don’t see much of a light at the end of the tunnel? Would you like to get married and are not sure how to attract a quality wife?

I feel your pain. I was in the same position. If I liked a gal, I would basically get nervous around her and be overly nice and have trouble being myself and basically lock up.

Then some guy with some game would come in and sweep her off her feet.

I used to feel like; “The women that like me, I’m not interested in, and the one’s I like aren’t interested in me”.

Well I invested in thousands of dollars worth of dating advice material, spent many hours studying them, made some adjustments and guess what?

This morning, I got engaged to a great gal.

I’m 46 now and I wish I would have learned some of this stuff earlier, but better late then never.  Here are some tips to help you find a good wife:

  1. Don’t be too nice. If you grovel at a woman’s feet and treat her like the Queen of England, it probably won’t impress her. Being desperately nice to a woman just gives her the all power in the relationship and women generally don’t want to have all the power in a relationship.
  2. Be playful, joke around a little. I’m not saying be mean or be a jerk, but I am saying that women generally like it if you mix things up a little and keep them entertained and guessing a little. Read the book: Comedy Writing Secrets: How to Think Funny, Write Funny, Act Funny and Get Paid For It, by Melvin Helitzer. 

    Here’s an example of being a little cocky and playful with a gal; I was in the market with my girlfriend (now finance) a couple of days ago.

    I picked up a dozen roses and put them in our cart and half serious/half joking I said “These are for me, I have to be good to myself”. And she said half joking, “Yes, if you don’t love yourself, who will?”.

    As we were leaving the store I gave her a side hug and handed her the roses saying “I changed my mind, these are for you.” We chuckled as she accepted them and she said “Really, I thought these were for you.”

  3. Put some gel in your hair and comb it back. I used to sport a Mr. Spock hair cut, but I changed it as women generally prefer a Michael J. Fox style haircut.
  4. Wear a long sleeved shirt. Women generally prefer long sleeved, button down shirts to the short sleeve polo types.And wear clothes that are your size. Don’t walk around like a college kid wearing clothes that are too big for you.
  5. Write down the ten things you are looking for in a future spouse. Put an asterisk next to the ones that are “must haves”. I did this and then later it was quite a confirmation when I realized I was dating someone that filled all of my 10 requirements. From there is was like; “Well, how picky am I going to be?”
  6. Write down the things you love to do and go out and do some of them on a regular basis. People will be more attracted to you if you are out enjoying life rather then sitting around depressed feeling sorry for yourself.
  7. If you want a wife of good character, be a man of good character.  My fiancé and I don’t believe in sex outside of marriage and we are waiting until our wedding night. Behave in ways that you can tell your kids about and that will respect the fact that your future wife is someone’s daughter.
  8. Touch a woman some. I’m not talking about sexually. I’m talking about touching the back of her shoulder, her hand, something like that.You can gauge interest by her response and some light touching helps keep you out of the “friends” zone.
  9. Use online dating sites. More than one. I met my fiancé online and I admit I’m hoping on our wedding night that she turns out to really be a female as I’ve heard internet dating horror stories. Getting dates from the internet is fairly easy. Have some nice photos taken and post them. It will increase the number of responses you get.
  10. Pray.
  11. Hang out with married people! We really are like teenagers with respect to the statement “You are who you hang out with”.I fought this for a few years and then started spending more time with married people and less with the same circle of single friends. I think this has a lot to do with why I’m finally getting married.

    Who you hang out with really does rub off on you.


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